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  • (North) Coburg Road
  • (South) 2nd Street
  • 2018 Wastewater Lateral Rehabilitation
  • 2018 Wastewater Rehabilitation
  • 30th Avenue-Willamette Street to Ferry Street and Mill Street from 30th Ave (North) to 30th Ave (South)
  • 7th Avenue & Place, Hwy 99 to Bailey Hill Road
  • Amazon Active Corridor: Martin St to 33rd Ave.
  • Anderson Lane
  • Aspen Street
  • Bailey Hill Road-18th Avenue to Village Avenue
  • Bernhardt Creek Road: Slide Repair
  • Centennial Blvd
  • Cody Avenue-Blue Heron Lane to Golden Gardens Street, N. Danebo Avenue-Burnett Avenue to Cody Avenue, Golden Gardens Street-Barger Drive to Jessen Drive
  • Coleman Road
  • Cottage Grove Area Chip Seals
  • Creswell Area Chip Seals
  • Crow Road: Pavement Preservation & Safety Improvement
  • Dorena Covered Bridge
  • Eugene Slurry Seals
  • Florence Area Chip Seals
  • Fox Hollow Road
  • Franklin Blvd. (OR126B & McVay Hwy: Mississippi Ave – UPRR Tracks (Phase 1))
  • Garfield Street, 6th Avenue to Roosevelt Blvd
  • High Pass Road
  • I-105: Willamette River Connectors and 1st to 7th Ave Viaducts Bridge Repair
  • Jasper/Pleasant Hill Area Chip Seals
  • Jessen Multiuse Path (Ohio Street to Beltline Road)
  • Kellogg Road
  • Local Streets, Willakenzie Area
  • Marcola Road
  • Maxwell Bridge
  • NE Livable Streets: Multiple Roadways
  • Oakridge/Westfir Area Chip Seals
  • OR 126 Cornerstone Drive - Terry Street (Veneta to Eugene) Pavement Preservation Project
  • OR 569 Randy Papé Beltline Projects - Roosevelt Blvd - Coburg Rd Paving
  • Regional Bicycle Counters
  • Sears Road
  • Sequoia Avenue
  • Spring Creek Drive
  • US 101 Siuslaw River Bridge Cathotic Protection Project
  • West 11th Avenue (Bertelsen to Beltline)
  • West Amazon Drive - Hilyard Street to Fox Hollow Road
  • Woodside Dr, Buff Way, Sharon Way, Forrester Way, and Corydon St Paving Working together to keep you moving