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West Eugene EmX Extension

Construction Update - Week of Sep 22, 2017



All businesses remain accessible during construction.  The public can e-mail to request traffic advisory e-mails regarding the West Eugene EmX project.


W. 11th Avenue:   Sporadic nighttime road work will continue as crews do small repairs and other restoration work along the entire route.


W. 11th Avenue:   LTD is continuing to train drivers along the route so use caution when driving in West Eugene, particularly along Garfield Street and West 11th Avenue.  Additionally, be aware of the new traffic pattern changes, such as “Bus Only” lanes and Business Access Turn (BAT) lanes, which only allow cars to use the lane while turning into a business from the street. If cars wish to make a turn, whether into a business or onto a street, they must do so from the BAT lane, which is marked as a bus and turn only lane. Drivers have been observed turning in front of buses, which is dangerous as well as illegal. Please use extreme caution while getting used to the new traffic patterns in West Eugene. 

Completed: No
MTIP: 151 Construction Year: 2017
Jurisdiction: Lane Transit District (LTD) Mode: Road

The West Eugene EmX project will add nine miles of fast, frequent transit service to the existing 15 miles of round-trip EmX service. While EmX is only one of LTD’s 35 bus routes, EmX represents 25 percent of LTD’s system-wide weekday ridership. When the West Eugene EmX project is completed, people will be able to ride EmX between west Eugene, downtown Eugene and Springfield, and north Springfield without having to transfer from one bus to another. EmX serves stations every 10 minutes on weekdays, and every 15-30 minutes during evenings and weekends.
Route Map

Download map in pdf format.

Business Access During Construction? Yes

Construction Spring 2015 - Fall 2017

Traffic Impacts:

There will be periodic temporary lane restrictions in the construction zones on West 6th, 7th, and 11th Avenues, and on Garfield and Charnelton Streets.

Work Schedule:

Work will occur along the planned West Eugene EmX route that extends from the LTD Eugene Station, located at West 11th Avenue and Olive Street, to west Eugene near the Randy Papé Beltline. The route travels on Charnelton Street, West 6th Avenue, Garfield Street, West 11th Avenue, West 7th Avenue, and West 10th Avenue. Limited construction work will occur on some side streets adjacent to the EmX route.

Utility relocation is proceeding along the route ahead of road construction. Road and sidewalk construction is under way and will continue through Summer 2017 or later. Work is expected to occur east of Garfield Street before proceeding on Garfield Street and West 11th Avenue. The schedule and sequencing are subject to change.

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The approximately $95 million project is funded by the Federal Transit Administration (80%) and Oregon state funds (20%).

Contact: Lisa VanWinkle
Project Notes:

In addition to expanding EmX service across the community, the West Eugene EmX project will add two new bike/pedestrian bridges over Amazon Creek, linking the Fern Ridge Path with West 11th Avenue. This will help residents who live south of Amazon Creek to visit businesses along West 11th Avenue and make it easy to reach the new EmX stations.

Short Description:

West Eugene EmX route extensions on West 11th Avenue, Charnelton Street, Garfield Street, West 6th and 7th Avenue. Working together to keep you moving