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US 101 Siuslaw River Bridge Cathotic Protection Project

Construction Update - Week of Oct 23, 2017

US101: Siuslaw R Bridge (Florence), Cathodic Protection (MP 190.8-MP191.2)

Project Summary:

  • Make repairs to the existing concrete and reinforcement and replace the cathodic protection system on the Siuslaw River Bridge
  • Add seismic restraints to help maintain the integrity of the bridge in an earthquake
  • Replace existing rail with new ornamental bridge railing, as well as improving pedestrian access to the bridge

Remarks: Single lane closures will be used for materials transfers, bridge rail and other roadwork on the approaches to the bridge. Delays may be up to 20 minutes, but will normally be 5 minutes or less. Contractor is permitted to have single lane closures on the bridge until 10 a.m. Crews are performing concrete patch work and sand blasting on the south side of the bridge. Bridge rail installation is continuing on the north side. Workers will be present most hours of the day. The job is to be completed by the end of March 2019. Shane Prohaska, Project Coordinator (541) 799-5412

Completed: No
Jurisdiction: Oregon Dept. of Transportation (ODOT) Mode: Road

Oregon Department of Transportation is working to save the historic Siuslaw River Bridge through installing a cathodic protection that includes a zinc surface coating to protect the structure from corrosion. We’re also repairing damaged concrete, replacing bridge rails, and constructing sidewalk features at ends of the bridge that will make pedestrian access easier and safer. 

Business Access During Construction? Yes

The project will be complete in spring 2019.

Traffic Impacts:

Travelers should expect up to 20 minute delays from single lane closures in the construction area. 

Work Schedule:

The work schedule varies, but no work is done on weekends to limit impact to travelers.


$14.2 million 

Contact: Steve Templin
Project Notes:

For more information during construction on this and other ODOT projects, please go to or call 5-1-1. Working together to keep you moving